Kuwi the Kiwi Books

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This series features a wonderful character,  'Kuwi' and her adventures and are written and illustrated by the very talented New Zealander writer Kat Merewether.  

She writes in a fun yet educational manner and the books are beautifully illustrated with bright colours and full of lovely little details that both kids and adults will enjoy.

Kuwi's First Egg is the first in the series and tells of Kuwi and the adventures she has with her egg. 

Kuwi's Huhu Hunt is about how Kuwi tries to feed her baby kiwi chick. 

Kuwi's Very Shiny Bum is all about generosity and appreciation with a light Christmas theme. 

Kuwi's Rowdy Crowd will appeal to every parent that's ever felt their children and their friends are too loud.

All these books will amuse, entertain and teach.  They are lovely books.